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Require Some Help Adding A Garmin 301 Dv In A Sitin Pungo

Does anyone have one of these simple products. My different fishfinder transducer was mounted by me in my Kayak's floor right in Goop but because it has down view Idonot realize not or if which will operate with this specific garmin. Whoever has any downview product or this device from garmin allow me to knowhow you did your xducer. Hopefully it wold shoot at right thru.

Need some Aid Rental out of OC for Togs?

Being that the striper year moved as cold while the weather, my staff and I were hoping to focus on Togs for a few winter cooking. I'd read and noticed that there was a great bite out of OC back with a few actually very togs being found, throughout the vacations. Is it nevertheless a happening, and does anyone know of superior rent leader who could put us on them?

Question are you able to get gasoline now?

Only don't know because of the coldweather and it'll be resting.

Fishing Record Fort Lauderdale Angling Delighted Day-Today

of water, our first hook-up was a Kingfish to the plainer with all the 3 1/2 drone spoon. From there the anglers took turns capturing five Kingfish, four of them were pants. I headed out.

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