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Leonard Nimoy Developed Into Spock For Your Remaining Time ("into Darkness") - Imgur Albumleonard Nimoy Developed Into Spock For The Final Moment ("into Night") - Imgur Recording

She had to sing while she worked a desk job at a record company in NYC to be noticed (not on the side or in her spare time, LITERALLY in the office). Most people who make it in show business fought tooth and nail over hundreds/thousands to get where they are over arguably many people who quite possibly were just as talented. For better or worse, an industry as competitive as entertainment requires grit and determination, even when you've been told no many times. I'm sure it's not mutually exclusive to that industry, but it could arguably be the most lucrative. TL;DR: If someone telling you no changes your mind (even Robin Williams or David Fincher), then you never really had the passion to do it because the most passionate person wouldn't let someone's opinion (even a respected person) convince them otherwise.   (2 children) I've had a couple of lectures which started with the lecturer saying something like this: "ok, I want everyone to get up, now stick your tongue out and wave your arms in the air.

I really had fun these few days, had multiple tour on the Aston Martin, and the Ferrari of course (but the Aston Martin... dream car).

What was the best film you saw this week? (2/23/15 - 3/1/15)

The entire plot of Into Darkness was about Starfleet militarizing and veering away from its roots. Scotty blatantly says "I thought we were supposed to be explorers" to Kirk. The only good Trek movies (besides the Voyage Home) were centered around formulaic plots. WOK was a cut and dry revenge movie, SFS had a good amount of action, UC was a classic "who did it" action movie, and FC was a revenge movie as well. If we really want to dig deep, TOS was as just as much of an action show as it was an intellectual Sci-Fi show.

A retirement home recreated famous movie posters for their 2015 calendarA retirement home recreated famous movie posters for their 2015 calendar


David Fincher's Advice to Young FilmmakersDavid Fincher's Advice to Young Filmmakers

sounds like heaven. So many times I have thought, "Man, if I didn't have to worry about dating, securing my future, working, and saving to retire I could just lounge around all day and feel pretty content". I think a lot of old folks now hate retirement homes so much because there is nothing to do. It isn't going to be like that in the 50-100 years (give or take some medical tech). There is just so much more stuff you can do today while being utterly broken, and because I grew up really appreciating the times when I got to sit around and do fuck all, I think I can really squeeze some enjoyment out of that.

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