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Heaven Just Got A Bit More Videogum

Congratulations, Kelly, to the last thing you did before you had been fired!

The One Where I Took The TMZ Tour Of Hollywood

Never To get this about me, but what'll Ido everyday now? Not forever refresh a feed trying to find tales about celebrities falling on their butts that are tiny? What sort of a living is that?!

Life Is Actually A Freeway, You Men

It’s astounding that individuals read this rubbish. You've no soul. Nobody might care except individuals that enjoy this garbage, if it would occur that you will get attack by way of a coach and die.

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Finally Gone Too Far

(A level of exactly what the feminine physique goes through after discovering a stylish guy possessing a tiny pet.) This graphic of Benedict Cumberbatch keeping his friend Henry McGuigan’s infant, which was later placed it to Paul McGuigan’s Twitter consideration (an effort from Cumberbatch to shirk accountability, one could reasonably guess), can be likely to have this influence on spotted ladies throughout the world. Men, shield your eyes swiftly — you're not totally resistant.

The Walking Dead S02E01: One Child Left Behind

“Is he at least pausing every once in awhile to offer the guy he hopes is hearing an opportunity to get yourself a term in edgewise to ensure that should they may notice each other by some kind of wonder subsequently it’s basically towards some type of purpose like regrouping and supporting eachother?” No! Just providing it-all in one single tedious hurry and signing fast off. Gotta work! Hope you liked my episode of The Moth! Grimes also suggests “The CDC was a dead end.” (I’ll state!) And he says a man was satisfied by “I there, he informed me…well subject what he told HAHAHAHAHAH that was me.” is doesn’ted by it. Oh Grimes.

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