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3. The Film: Sponge Out Of Water $31.5m

By domwin85 I normally enjoy movies with my daughter, however this not one of those occasions. I feel asleep from pure boredom. I could have watched something EXTREMELY similar from the comforts of my home... By toby2andme27 was cute....but not quite as funny as i hoped. .but kids liked it so thats all that matters.....

1. Fifty Shades of Grey $85.2M

It's so ridiculous and has no right to work but it was amazing. Absolutely phenominal.... By ttjolly2 This movie was very good. it was funny at times but Colin Firth is am amazing actor as is Michael Caine. I would definitely recommend this movie....

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service $36.2M

I guess this is due to the fact that it is quite effortless to do so and much easier on the minds of Americans, who evidently have no capacity to think beyond a grade school level.     "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water" continues this debacle, as the filmmakers seemingly forgot their original intent and received the right to deceive moviegoers worldwide. If you are expecting your lovable, and squishy, sponge hero to indulge in our world (longer than a half-hour that is), then you will be in a state of utter disappointment, along with a hint of agitation, and rightfully so.

4. American Sniper $16.4M

The Hollywood Reporter By Sheri Linden With a loose-limbed naturalness, she conveys naiveté, intellectual curiosity and romantic yearning, and shows the unassuming Ana’s newfound... TheWrap By Inkoo Kang Starring a vivacious Dakota Johnson and a game Jamie Dornan, Taylor-Johnson’s erotic romance is a skillful distillation of James’ first... Miami Herald By Connie Ogle Despite what you might fear, the movie is not torture.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

A month after seeing it, you might still be wrestling with... excellent movie, a must see for all americans!!... American Sniper By mlaugh Outstanding! Perhaps Eastwood's best Directing effort. Bradley Cooper's performance is gripping and authentic. Sienna Miller also good.

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